We carry out the machining of parts from the maintenance carried out or parts brought to the workshop by our customers. We also machine series.


In the Mechanization Area we have:

Nine Horizontal shifts
• Three units have a display
• A semi-automatic
• Two CNC units
• The distance between points ranges from 750mm to 4000mm
• Maximum diameter to be turned: on bench 920mm; on transverse carriage 710mm; in the neckline 1220m
• Maximum length to turn in the neckline 350mm

Six milling machines
• Three units have a display
• Three CNC units
• Work tables range from 1100x350 to 2160x700mm
• The vertical from 500 to 1000mm

A radial drill
• Base 900x1600mm
• Arm radius 1775 mm
• Longitudinal displacement 1300mm
• Vertical displacement 1100mm
• Useful travel 325mm

Two column drills
• Maximum base 500mm x 900mm
• Maximum distance from the outside of the column to the center of the drill 390mm
• Maximum height of the piece on the table 550mm

A bargaining chip

Six crane bridges
• Three light bridge cranes for mechanization and assembly with a load of 500kg
• Two crane bridges for loading 2Tm for shifts and assemblies
• A crane bridge for loading 6Tm, for assembly, loading and unloading

Two presses
• A manual press max. 60Tm
• An ambimotor press max. 200Tm

Two saws
• A semi-automatic band saw, max cutting capacity 90º 270mm
• An alternative hydraulic band saw, max cutting capacity 90º 160mm