V1850 hydraulic tilter

Titler hydraulic

Machine with 1 cylinder, an advantage that yields better rotation, maintenance and access to the machine’s different parts.

It has a 200x100x5 mm stainless steel tubular structure that guarantees the strength to lift loads of 300 kg to 3,000 kg, weights that may be increased by personalising the project to suit customer requirements.

Remote operation with manual option and movement adjustment.


Garantiza la disponibilidad de las piezas y accesorios necesarios con un servicio postventa propio.

Applied regulations
UNE-EN ISO 12100-1:2004/A1:2010
UNE-EN ISO 14121-1:2008
UNE-EN 60204-1:2007
UNE-EN ISO 4414:2011
UNE-EN ISO 13850:2008
Length > 2.020 mm
Height > 2.900 mm
Width > 1.910 mm